Large Wheel Loader HQ968

Large Wheel Loader HQ968
  • Large Wheel Loader HQ968
  • Large Wheel Loader HQ968
  • Large Wheel Loader HQ968
  • Large Wheel Loader HQ968

HQ968 Strong loader with a 175kw engine, can lift 6000kg easily .

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 1, HQ968 Large Wheel Loader Features and Specifications :
(1.Heavy duty,powerful;
(2.SDLG Wheel loader Electric-hydraulic gearbox,easier operation,high working efficiency;
(3.6.0ton wheel loader Pilot controlled,fully hydraulic steering system,electric-hydraulic shift transmission,easier operation;
(4.Bucket can be leveled automatically, optimized working device,higher productivity;
(5.6.0ton shovel loader Comfortable operation environment,new design cabin,air-conditioner at option;
(6.Front end loader Various working devices of attachment are available,such as log clamp,pipe clampl,grass fork,plow,ore bucket,loose bucket,fork meet different need.

2, HQ968 Front Loader Specifications : 

 Rated capacity: 3.25m³/3.5m³
 Rated   weight: 6000Kg
 Operating weight: 19000Kg
 Max. breakout force: 200KN
 Total time: 11.3s
 Max. dump height: 3160mm
 Dump distance: 1200mm
 Wheel base: 3260mm
 Thread: 2250mm
 Transportation dimensions: 8360×2950×3600mm
 Model of engine: WEICHAI WD12G240E21
 Pattern: Turbocharger, vertical, water-cooled,
4-stroke, direct injection
 Rated power: 175KW
 Specified rotational speed: 2200r/min
 Max. torque: 920N.m
Torque converter and transmission system:
 Model of torque device: electronic control Torque Converter and Gearbox Combination
 Model of torque converter: YJSW615-6H
 Pattern: single stage two phase four components
 Transmission type: Planetary-structure, electric-control type
 Number of gear: 2 forward,2 reverse
 Max. travel speed: 38km/h
 Axle: YUNYU
 Main reducer type: Spiral bevel gear first reduction
 Pattern of wheel side moderation: Single stage planetary
Tire size: 26.5-25
Steering system:
 Pattern: Full hydraulic steering system
 Min. turning radius(outside of bucket): 7260mm
 Max. turning angle: 35°±1
Implement hydraulic system:
 Implement pump: P7600-F125
 Displacement: 275L/min
 System working pressure: 18MPa
 Distribution device model: DF32
 Pilot valve model: DJS
Brake system:
 Brake system: Air assisted oil disc on four wheel
 Parking  brake: Soft control , disc type


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