Ensign wheel loader with cummins engine, SOOSAN WHEEL LOADER for sales

 Maintenance  Ensign wheel loader  every 1000 hours (or six months)
1. Replace the transmission oil, clean the oil accumulator and oil pan, and replace or clean the copper wire in the gas cap;
2. Replace the SOOSAN WHEEL LOADER diesel filter of the engine;
3. Check various temperature and pressure gauges;
4. Check the tightness of the engine intake and exhaust pipes;
5. Check the operation of the engine;
6. Replace the return oil filter element of the hydraulic oil tank;
(7) Maintenance ZL50G wheel loader  every 2000 hours (or year)
1. Replace the zl56 wheel loader front and rear axle gear oil;
2. Replace wheel loader shanmon 956 hydraulic oil, clean oil tank and refueling speed net;
3. Check the working condition of the wheel loader caterpillar foot brake and parking brake, and if necessary, disassemble and inspect the wear of the friction plates;
4. Clean and inspect the sealing parts and springs of the brake booster, replace the brake fluid, and check the sensitivity of the brake;
5. Check the sealing of the distribution valve and working oil cylinder by measuring the natural settlement of the oil cylinder; www.haiqinmachinery.com