rhinoceros mini escavadora with CE,mini excavator rippa for sasles ,nante miniexkavator with ISO

 rhinoceros mini escavadora Maintenance vouchers for loaders are preventive maintenance, the easiest and most economical maintenance, and the key to extending the service life and reducing costs of loaders. For loaders, maintenance vouchers are generally divided into hourly or shift (daily) maintenance and regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is generally divided into 50 hours of maintenance, 100 hours of excavator 1.2 ton maintenance, 250 hours of maintenance, 500 hours of maintenance, 1000 hours of maintenance, and 2000 hours of maintenance. Due to the different content, scope, and requirements of maintenance during each time period, it is a mandatory task that must be done when the time is up. mini excavator rippa Only by doing so can maintenance be achieved. The general requirements for maintenance of loaders are:
1. Park the volt mini excavator on a level ground;
2. Place the transmission control lever in neutral gear;
3. Place all attachments in the middle position;
4. Apply the xv15 mini excavator parking brake;
5. Turn off the excavator kubota engine;