RW-T3500 telescopic loader with cummins engine,TDER telescopic loader for sales

 RW-T3500 loader 250 hours for new cars, RW-T3500 telescopic loader 500 hours or 1 month for old cars.
TDER telescopic loader is about looking at the engine. During the running in period, maintenance should be more diligent. After 2000 hours, it is considered as the break in period. If it is a new telescopic telehandler, it is recommended to maintain the three filters of engine oil for 100 hours. The three filters of engine oil for 300 hours, the torque converter filter for hydraulic transmission oil for 600 hours, the three filters of engine oil for 1200 hours, the three filters of engine oil for hydraulic transmission oil, and the gear oil for 2400 hours.
How long does the forklift need to change its oil
I am a loader operator. 3.5 ton articulated telehandler are a construction site and the working environment is not good. We change the oil and oil filter every 500 hours, and of course, it will be fine after a few dozen hours. Regularly changing the oil can maximize the service life of the engine.