Bull HD100 backhoe loader with cummins engine ,mini backhoe loader for sales

 The minor maintenance items include changing the front loader and digger oil and oil filter. Changing the engine oil plays a very important role in lubricating the engine during operation, and it can also automatically clean the engine, reducing wear and tear during engine operation, which is essential for the engine. It is of great significance to reduce the wear of components and extend their service life.
the other copy shall be brought back by the repairman to the vehicle management office for storage in the ht10-50 mini backhoe loader vehicle file. The warehouse keeper of each factory shall fill in the machine equipment maintenance and parts origa backhoe replacement account according to the maintenance situation, and report the registration of the month to the company together with the material inventory form at the end of the month.
The project is as follows: 1. caterpillar backhoe Oil filter. Although the mini backhoe loader car's oil filter may not be eye-catching, its function is very significant. bull HD100 backhoe loader can remove some impurities and iron filings generated by friction in our engine. www.haiqinmachinery.com