shanmon 388h with 4 wheels steering , redcon 388h backhoe loader with cummins enigne

 Replace vulnerable parts. Regularly replace the 4rx excavator  oil filter, oil filter, diesel filter, air filter, etc., as bs428
 these components are rone to aging and damage. twelve
Wheel maintenance. Due to the large load capacity of large heavy-duty trucks, their bearings usually adopt a conical structure and require regular maintenance with high-grade grease.
Change the transmission oil. Due to excessive load, the transmission is prone to wear redcon 388h backhoe loader and requires regular replacement of gear oil.
Replace the gear oil of the rear axle tooth pack. Similar to transmissions, heavy-duty trucks also require regular gear oil changes.
Check the oil pipe interface. Ensure that jk388 backhoe loader there is no oil leakage at the oil pipe interface .