foton 936 loader with cummins engine, SDLG 933 loader for sales, LUYU 946 wheel loader maintenance way

 Minor luyu 946 max maintenance generally refers to the routine maintenance items carried out by the manufacturer at the specified time or mileage to ensure vehicle performance after driving a certain distance. Mainly including changing the oil and oil filter. The sdlg 933 wheel loader interval of minor maintenance: The duration of minor maintenance depends on the effective time or mileage of the oil and oil filter used.

econdly, the electronic control system of (computer) excavators with luyu 946 a high degree of electronic optimization cannot be ignored. Short circuit, open circuit, computer damage, etc. in the circuit may cause the excavator to hold the car. Generally, models that have been used for more than 10000 hours are prone to burn pitbull wheelloader haihong loader sensors, actuators and computers due to the aging of the circuit.
The sam 836 loader oil filter of a car may not be impressive, but its function is very significant. foton 936 loader can remove some impurities and iron filings generated by friction in our engine.