Electric mini loader battery using way, loader electric with battery power mainteanace way

There are also routine electric loader maintenance items: oil change every 5000 kilometers, fuel filter change every 25000 kilometers, spark plug change every 25000 kilometers, brake fluid change every 40000 kilometers, electric mini loader air conditioning filter change every year, automatic transmission oil and filter and manual transmission oil change every 80000 kilometers, battery 2-3 years, fuel nozzle cleaning every 25000 kilometers, brake pad inspection every 50000 kilometers, throttle valve inspection every 606 electric loader 15000 kilometers, door locks, hinges, sunroof, engine hood lock, le05 electric wheel loader luggage compartment lock, etc. 1000 kilometers per inspection and lubrication.
The difference between minor and major 604 electric loader maintenance . www.haiqinmachinery.com