mini bagger with euro 5 engine,lovol mini excavator maintenace daily way .

 Performance,mini bagger  reducing the possibility of causing greater failure. In a sense,mini bagger  timely handling of the faults is an effective measure to reduce and prevent faults. The so-called timely treatment is to regularly maintain and repair the excavator according to the maintenance procedures, and the maintenance and repair of various groups must be carried out as required. The existing maintenance and repair nante miniexkavator specifications are a summary of many years of practical experience and are scientific and reasonable. Without significant technical progress and innovation,The common maintenance items for minor maintenance mainly include replacing the oil filter, while for major maintenance, the replacement parts include excavator 1.2 ton oil filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc. The mileage for replacing spark plugs, brake oil, transmission oil, etc. is not fixed. Below, excavator kubota will introduce to you the things included in car minor mini excavator rippa maintenance, hoping to be excavator 1.2 ton  useful to you!
The contents included in car minor maintenance
Car maintenance is divided into internal and external maintenance. xv15 mini excavator External maintenance refers to the anti-aging maintenance of the car surface and body paint, such as car coating, car waxing, car tires, tire pressure measurement, excavator kubota cleaning and washing, car film application, etc., which can all play a maintenance role in the volt mini excavator bottom paint or lovol mini excavator.
Interior refers to the maintenance of a car, such as interior cleaning, sauna disinfection, engine cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, oil change, glass water, chassis armor, etc.
these specifications are absolute and must be followed. Second, regular and irregular inspections of excavators should be strengthened during use, and the operation of excavators should be understood liugong mini excavator in time. Temporary failures should be handled in a timely manner, and maintenance opportunities should not be delayed because of small failures that do not affect the use .