backhoe loader wz15 10 with CE , farm mini backhoe with euro 5 or EPA 4 engine

 1. Change backhoe loader wz15 10 engine oil and three filter oil filter element, air filter element, diesel filter element;
2. Hub maintenance: Due to the backhoe loader wz10 20 large load capacity of large heavy-duty trucks, their bearings use tapered bearings and require the addition of high-grade grease;
3. Transmission oil change: Due to excessive load on large heavy-duty trucks, the farm micro backhoe transmission wears out significantly. In order to reduce wear, mini loader excavator is necessary to regularly replace the gear oil;
4. The farm mini backhoe rear axle gear box is similar to the transmission, and basically requires changing the oil twice, so the gear oil in the gear box needs to be changed once.
Replace the engine oil, oil filter, gasoline filter, and air filter. Check if the coolant level of the car meets the regulations. Check the fluid level of the brake and clutch. Check if the shandong backhoe loader oil level of the steering assist oil tank meets the regulations, and check if there is any oil leakage at the various oil pipe interfaces of the system. the oil level of excavator hydraulic system is too low When the excavator works under the condition of lower than the specified oil level for a long time, especially when the hydraulic system is excessively short of oil, the hydraulic oil temperature will be too high; The hydraulic oil circulates too fast and cannot be fully left to settle and clear, which accelerates the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil, thus causing the high water temperature fault of the excavator .