telescopic ladder maintenance , mammut telescopic loader mainteance way

 telescopic ladder Steering mechanism; The steering is flexible, the manipulator telescopic horizontal and vertical pull rods are not bent or cracked, the screw threads and keyways are intact, the rotation is flexible and not loose, the locking device is complete, and the bolts are tightened. Disassemble and inspect the steering gear: perform disassembly inspection, clean and replace damaged parts. After assembly, mammut telescopic loader 1200 should rotate flexibly without any jamming, and a load test is required. Disassemble and inspect the handbrake and foot brake according to the second level maintenance requirements. Check that all pipe joints and three-way pipe threads are intact, tightly bonded, and telescopic forklift free of air leakage. Check the 1.5 ton telescopic wheel loader euro5 brake hose and ensure that it does not rub or collide with adjacent components. The hose must not be damaged, leaking, bulging, delaminating, or contaminated with oil.