mini telescopic handler with CE, the common maintenance for telescopic mini loaders

mini telescopic handler Common maintenance faults
During long-term use, agricultural machinery may inevitably experience some malfunctions. mini telescopic handler How to quickly troubleshoot these faults is one of the skills that farmers need to master. For example, when the engine cannot start, the battery level and connection can be checked to ensure they are functioning properly; When agricultural machinery leaks oil, the sealing ring can be checked for looseness or damage.
The decrease of oil viscosity will damage the oil film at the telescopic mini loader moving parts and increase the friction resistance, causing the system to heat up and the actuating elements (such as hydraulic cylinders) to crawl. The forklift loader decrease of oil viscosity can lead to increased leakage and significantly telescopic rough terrain reduced system efficiency
In short, for farmers, telescopic loaders 4*4 maintenance and simple maintenance of agricultural machinery are very important. It can not only ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of agricultural machinery, but also contribute to the lgmg forklifts development of rural economy. I hope everyone can pay attention to the above points when telescopic forklift loader using agricultural machinery and carry out maintenance and repair work in a timely manner.