venieri front loader maintenance way,JN908 using way, mini charger maintenance methord.

 Check the  mini tractor loader
 oil level of the oil bath air filter and remove dust.
Technical maintenance every 200 working hours
(1) Complete JN908 loader  all technical maintenance tasks for every 50 hours of work.
(2) Replace the bueno brand loader diesel engine oil pan lubricating oil.
(3) Clean and maintain the venieri front loader oil bath type air filter oil basin.
(4) Clean the venieri front loader hydraulic oil filter of the elevator and replace the filter element if necessary.
more than half of excavator failures are caused by poor lubrication. Due to the precision of the matching of various parts of the excavator, good lubrication can make it maintain normal working clearance and proper working temperature, thus reducing the wear degree of parts and reducing excavator failures. Normal and reasonable lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce excavator failures. For bueno brand loader this reason, firstly, lubricants should be selected reasonably. Normal lubricant categories should be selected according to the types and application structures of excavators, appropriate quality grades should be selected according to the requirements of excavators
4. Technical maintenance every 400 working hours
(1) Complete all technical maintenance tasks for every 200 hours of work.
(2) Add lubricating grease.
(3) Check the JN908 loader  oil level of the front drive axle central transmission and end transmission, and add it if necessary.
(4) Check the oil level of the transmission system and elevator, and add it if necessary.
(5) Check the free travel of the parking brake handle and adjust it if necessary.
(6)Clean and maintain the fukai front loader hydraulic steering tank filter.