telescopic wheel loader daily maintenance ,telescopic loaders clean the dirt fitler eveyr 2 months.

telescopic ladder Daily maintenance is carried out by the telescopic ladder driver himself before and after each shift. The main tasks include:
(1)Clean the external dirt of the telescopic forklift, mainly including the gantry raceway, fork, and sliding frame, generator, starter
(2)If the telescopic loaders rotor collides with or rubs against the stator, it will cause the rotor and stator to heat up, which will make the current and voltage of the generator unstable, and in serious cases, the generator will be damaged or the electronic components on the teleloaders epa.
The telescopic loaders external surface and terminal of the battery, as well as the air filter and water tank;
make the teleloaders epa drive or work after reaching the specified temperature. Do not neglect its important work because there is no problem at that time; Second, the telescopic wheel loader shall be prevented from running under high temperature. During the telescopic wheel loader operation of the excavator, the values on various temperature gauges shall be checked frequently to find problems .