shanmon 388h with cummins enigne,bull backhoe loaders with SGS, venieri backhoe loader with CE

bull excavator loader is one of the important tools in modern agricultural production, and bull excavator loader maintenance and simple maintenance are the key to ensuring the normal operation and extending the service life of agricultural machinery. Below, we will explore the maintenance and simple repair of agricultural machinery from several aspects.
1、 Oil change
Engine oil is an important lubricant for agricultural machinery and is crucial for the normal operation of the engine. case backhoe loader Frequent oil changes can effectively prevent engine overheating and damage, while also improving fuel efficiency and extending service life. Therefore, when case backhoe loader using agricultural machinery, farmers should regularly check the condition of the oil and replace it in a timely manner if necessary.
2、 bull backhoe loaders Clean the air filter element
The case backhoe loader air filter is one of the components in agricultural machinery that is prone to clogging. If not cleaned and replaced in a timely manner, it can lead to a decrease in the performance and damage of the agricultural machinery engine. Therefore, when venieri backhoe loader using agricultural machinery, it is important to regularly clean the air filter and replace it if it appears black or gray.