telescopic forklift loader using way, 4t telescopic loader maintenance way

 g3500 telescopic loader Technical maintenance every 800 working hours

4t telescopic loader Technical maintenance every 800 working hours


(1) g3500 telescopic loader Complete all technical maintenance tasks for every 400 hours of work.



(2) Replace the telescopic forklift loader transmission hydraulic oil for the hydraulic steering system.



(3) Replace the telescopic forklift loader  hydraulic oil used for the transmission system and elevator.



(4)Check the 2 ton telescopic wheel loader euro5 valve clearance of the diesel engine.



(5) Check and adjust the injection pressure of the fuel injection pump.


(6)Clean the 4t telescopic loader fuel tank

(6) Clean the fuel tankfirst, use 1.5 ton telescopic wheel loader euro5 high-quality and matched parts, lubricating oil and grease to block the source of harmful impurities; Second, do a good job of excavator protection at the work site, ensure that the corresponding mechanism can work normally, and prevent various impurities from entering the excavator. For the excavator with failure, try to go to the regular repair site for repair.